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Đại Học Quốc Gia Hà Nội

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The Handbook of Advanced Magnetic Materials is a book series, which deals with issues of the fundamental researches as well as technological developments of the magnetism and magnetic materials.
The first volume of the Handbook concentrates on Rare Earth - Transition Metal Intermetallics and Applications and comprises of three chapters:
Chapter 1 looks at the basic exchange interactions in the rare earth - transition metal intermetallics - a key factor for solutions to controlling the performance of hard magnetic materials.
Chapter 2 is concerned with the metamagnetic transition and the formation of the transition-metal magnetism. This fundamental research is able to propose solutions for potential magnetic refrigerants.
Chapter 3 explores magnetoelasticity – a phenomenon related to the change in sizes of magnetic bodies in external magnetic fields. It is principle of sensors, actuators and magnetic microelectromechanical systems.